Read and Review. Or maybe not?

I don’t really remember how many years I’ve been in the reading community. So, I have lost count of how many times I’ve heard authors saying that a review is a huge help for them and that it is also a way to thank them.

I do not disagree with that. I know and understand algorithms and how ebook retailers use the reviews to promote a book more.



But what happens when you just don’t want to write a review? When the book you bought left you nothing? When it was good, but not good enough to leave you raving?

Now, I do appreciate 1 star reviews, when they offer constructive criticism. I appreciate 3 star reviews even more because they tend to present pros and cons of a story. I do appreciate 5 star reviews, because it always makes me happy seeing people get excited all over a story.

But I can’t help but feel bad, when I go to Goodreads, hit the star rating of my choice and leave.

My truth is one and only. Whether I liked the book or not, it just didn’t inspire me to write something about it. Yes, I do have an opinion and I will share it if asked. But it didn’t touch me enough to want to share it with everybody.

This year, I want to read at least 100 books and review 50. That is a very good analogy. But unfortunately, even if I am ahead of my reading schedule, my reviews are still suffering.

Is it me or is it the books I’m reading?


5 thoughts on “Read and Review. Or maybe not?

      1. My comment was on a side note 😛 There are many times when I myself leave a rating without review. Even a five-star rating. I think this might mean something along the lines of “I had fun reading the book, but that’s it” or “there are so many raving reviews out there, so there’s no need for me to write something.” I usually take the time to review my one-star reviews. I gotta protect the people!

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  1. It’s not just you. I suffer through the same thing. I read a lot of books and many of them are not worth the effort of a review or not inspiring enough to warrant one. I have very strong opinions, so if I don’t like a book, I’d rather not write a review. Because what I may not like, maybe loved by other readers. Unless of course someone directly ask my thoughts 😊

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