Saying good bye to a goal.

Most of us have goals.

Some of them are reachable. Others aren’t.

Some we achieve. Others we don’t.


There are those that we achieve in part. And there are those we didn’t even try because [insert excuses / yes, they may have been valid points, but did we even try to overcome them??? scratch your heads and think about that].

And then, there are the goals we waited so much to achieve. We were on a very good path to achieving them. We even went ahead of the the daily goal a few times. We had everyone around us cheering for us. We were determined to win.

But then life happened. And we faltered. But we didn’t mind. We had a back up plan.

But the back up plan isn’t working anymore. Because life got too demanding. And the small daily goal is too big now. And though I try daily, I doubt I’ll be able to achieve the goal I have set.

I won’t stop trying.

I won’t give up.

It may take me longer than expected, but it won’t be an aborted goal.

will do this, one way or another.


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