Is the lack of thoughts a thought on its own?

I know I haven’t posted lately, but when I find myself wanting to post… I just don’t know what to write.


Then I realised that I did have things I wanted to share with everyone, but they kept escaping my grasp, when I felt like writing.

To be honest, I’m on a writing hiatus. I don’t know why. After a creative April, May has me dreading of writing. Be that a blog post or working on my story. Any story!

I’ve even had great new ideas for my other stories and I refuse to put pen to paper to jot them down.

So maybe it’s not a lack of thoughts. Maybe it’s a lack of motivation.

I will simply do whatever I can to end this phase soon.

This post is the first step. I’m still thinking on the next one, but at least I’m sure I’m going to keep trying.

Now… Should I change this post’s title or leave it be?


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