A Disturbing Culture

So, it just happened that the last two times I watched music videos, I noticed something that disturbed me.

First video had to do with a woman finding out that a man she met was stalking her. The second one had to do with a woman who is being kidnapped and then it is revealed that it was her boyfriend that kidnapped her, as a surprise for her birthday.
In both videos, the women forgave the men. Okay, in the second video, the woman slapped the man, but then she forgave him.
Just like that. No damaged relationship, no psychological issues, no trust issues. Nothing.
And now I’m going to ask, since when is stalking someone acceptable?
Since when is kidnapping someone acceptable?
Those two music videos are popular in my country.
Is this the message we want to pass to the kids?
Both videos infuriated me and I can’t stop thinking about them.

It is bad enough that women are targets of many assaults. Do we really have to romanticise them this way?
This is one of the reasons why I’ve stopped watching television. Because the messages in there keep getting worse with time.
People don’t realise that their actions don’t only have to do with them. They don’t realise this is the world our kids will inherit. They don’t realise others ARE indeed affected by what they see in that box full of images.
In my opinion, this is intolerable. I refuse to accept stalking as a romantic gesture. I refuse to accept kidnapping as a surprise. I refuse to accept that women are so stupid and naive, and put up with those things from their partners.
I refuse to adopt this culture and I won’t stop talking, screaming and kicking against it every chance I get.



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